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Job Creation Partnerships, Trades and Apprenticeship Programs

Job Creation Partnerships

Job Creation Partnerships focus on helping clients develop work experience through the creation of short-term positions. These programs are intended to benefit both the client and the community.

On-the-job training plans are required as part of the employment plan, to ensure the development of job-related skills. This type of program targets partnerships with well-recognized organizations, such as those within the government or non-profit sectors, that have the ability to develop meaningful workplace opportunities.

Trades and Apprenticeship Programs

There are more than 50 designated trades in Manitoba, nine of which require compulsory apprenticeship training.

Apprenticeship programs are simultaneously supported by the MMF, the provincial government, and qualified employers. Through the regional offices, MMF clients can access sponsorship for up to four years, to assist with the costs associated with the classroom portion of the training. In some circumstances, apprenticeship sponsorship may also be combined with a wage subsidy program to help the client secure a suitable employer sponsor.