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Job Creation Partnerships, Trades and Apprenticeship Success

Partnership Profile: Electrical Apprenticeship

Metis-owned, Winnipeg-based electrical service company Mr. Electric has enabled two participants to begin their electrical apprenticeship programs in partnership with the

MMF. Both programs were uniquely tailored to the situations of the clients, as one also utilized a Targeted Wage Subsidy and one was combined with a Job Opportunity Subsidy. Mr. Electric has also partnered with the MMF to facilitate a third client interested in electrical work, through a summer career placement project.

Partnership Profile: Its My Community Too

In partnership with the City of Winnipeg, the MMF has created Its My Community Too an urban beautification project designed to provide training and work experience for multi-barriered clients.

The first crew of six ran in 2009, and under the supervision of their coordinator, worked with trucks and equipment to help community organizations and residents with clean-up work and small building projects free of charge. Due to the success of the initial program, both the City of Winnipeg and the MMF expanded their commitments with additional funding to help create two crews per year. The 15-week project begins each spring, with new crewmembers starting at each intake.

In addition to performing community services in the North End and Elmwood, the project is designed to teach essential skills, good work habits, transferable employment skills, and self-sufficiency through steady income. As clients approach the end of their work with the crew, they receive further assistance through the MMFs Metis Employment & Training Recruitment to identify and achieve their employment goals.