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Its My Community Too 12-20-09-012

  • 15-week project begins each spring, with new crew members starting at each intake.
  • Urban beautification project designed to provide training and work experience for multi-barrier clients
    • operates in the North End and Elmwood
  • The first crew of six ran in 2009
    • Worked with trucks and equipment to help community organizations and residents with clean-up work and small building projects free of charge.
  • Following 2009, both the City of Winnipeg and the MMF expanded their commitments with additional funding to help create two crews per year.
  • Project is designed to teach essential skills, good work habits, transferable employment skills, and self-sufficiency through steady income.
  • As clients approach the end of their work with the crew, they receive further assistance through the MMFs Metis Employment & Training Recruitment to identify and achieve their employment goals.
  • MET funding: $100,000 per crew
  • City of Winnipeg contributions: $100,000 per crew
    • In-kind contributions: trucks, trailers, mowers, tools, and related equipment

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