u Metis Employment & Training

Project-Based Success

Partnership Profile: Licensed Practical Nurse Program

Shortages in healthcare workers, especially in Northern and rural communities, were a driving force behind the creation of an 18-month Licensed Practical Nurse training program that ran in The Pas and Cranberry Portage in 2010/2011. In this program, the MMF partnered with

Assiniboine Community College and the federal and provincial governments, as well as the First Peoples Development Inc. and the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, to offer a program that would prepare clients to access opportunities within the Manitoba Nursing Strategy. At the close of the program, 30 students graduated and began nursing careers, working in communities throughout the province.

Partnership Profile: Early Childhood Educators Program

Incoming changes to qualifications required for working with pre-school aged children meant that many early childhood workers would no longer be qualified to keep their jobs. To address this, the MMF formed a program with Employment Manitoba, Red River College, Lake Manitoba First Nation, Aboriginal Headstart and St. Laurent Parish in 2009, to deliver a two-year Early Childhood Educators diploma program. A combination of paid training and the resulting qualifications ensured that these clients were able to maintain their income throughout training and as they returned to careers.

Partnership Profile: New Driver Finishing Program

It is widely recognized that a Class 1 license alone is not enough to gain employment in commercial driving; most employers also require considerable experience. In answer to this, the MMF formed a partnership with Bison Transport, one of the largest truckload carriers in Canada.

MMF clients with Class 1 licenses were invited to apply for the 13-week New Driver Finishing Program, which is designed to enhance safety skills and experience through classroom, simulator, and in-cab training. Following successful completion of the program, these clients receive employment as long-haul drivers for Bison.

Interlake LAC:

  • Nursing Assistant through the Interlake Metis Association and the Robertson College, a nursing assistant program was offered in which 3 certificates were offered: 1) Health Care Aide, 2) Health Unit Clerk and 3) Nursing Assistant. The program was held from December 6/10 to August/11. In total 18 clients attended and 15 clients have employment.
  • First Aid/CPR through the Interlake Metis association, a two day First Aid/CPR course in partnership with Mamawi was held to train new staff at Mamawi as it was mandatory for their employment. 9 staff members took this training.

Northwest LAC:

  • Partnership Schooling through the Swan River Friendship Centre, a training program is offered for Metis persons wanting to complete their grade twelve through an adult education program. The program is operated in partnership with the Swan Valley School Division to offer high school credits. The programs are designed to offer the skills necessary for entry into post-secondary training or direct entry into the labour market. The program is being offered from April/11 to March/12 with 10 15 registered throughout the academic year.
  • First Aid/CPR through the Swan River Friendship Centre, this program is being offered to enhance the current and future employment of the staff and will take place on February 28/12.

Southwest LAC:

  • Oilfield Safety

    When initially designed we wanted two intakes of approximately 10 clients each. Our first program in Brandon only saw 8 client participants and our second intake of July showed no interest. In deliberations we decided that the timing of the program was a problem for the clients and since it was such a short training timeframe that we would change the traditional delivery format. However, overall with the 100% completion rate there was a 87.5% employment rate which shows the value and success of this type of training.

    We made an arrangement with local trainers that we would send clients in to be trained as they a clients. Using this system we trained 28 clients (exceeding our estimates) and are still within budget. We will continue to send clients to be trained as they come in through to March 31st or until we expend our entire budget. This method resulted in a 100% completion and currently a 82% employment rate with other clients in line for work.

  • Class One

    Like the oil field safety training we were having challenges setting up training that accommodated a large volume of students. This year we had one project with three delivery sites. Staring in Janury 2012 we had three clients participants in the Deloraine delivery site, we have had planned to run three seats in Winnipeg for our Portage Clients but had to offer a second start date due to demand We are now training five Clients from Portage la Prairie with the first intake starting January 16th and the second intake set for February 13th. Our Brandon delivery for February 27th has five individuals who have shown interest with seats available for the first three qualified clients who complete the application process. This delivery model simultaneously allows us to train both urban clients and rural clients close to home and like the safety ticket training, though a much longer training time frame, this model is much more flexible for our client needs.

The Pas LAC:

  • Corrections Pre-Employment Training Program

    MMF The Pas Region along with Workplace Education Manitoba, Swampy Cree Tribal Council, Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Employment Manitoba have developed a partnership with the Province of Manitoba Department of Justice-Corrections Division to offer a Corrections Pre-Employment Training Program for potential persons interested in pursing employment as Correctional Officers. The training program would be for a duration of 15 weeks.

    The Essential Skills Preparation (including First Aid and CPR Training) will take place on February 20 for 3 weeks. Currently there are 13 Metis clients of the total of 43.

    The 10 week Basic Corrections Training will commence on March 13/12 providing they meet the Essential Skills portion.

Winnipeg LAC:

  • Heavy Equipment Operator

    This program will train 10 individuals as Heavy Equipment Operations on the following pieces of equipment: Loader, Dozer, Grader and Excavator. This training will be provided by OETIM.

  • Job Works Educational Assistants 6 clients will be trained as Educational Assistants to work in Manitoba schools. This program is current with an upcoming date of September to June. These clients have in class training at Jobworks and the balance of their training is hands on training in the school.
  • Class I Driver Training

    This program will train from 6 10 Class I Truck Drivers. The Project Officer has met with two training institutions and the program is anticipated to commence either in April or May.

  • Corrections-Justice Manitoba this program is in the works and is hoping to recruit 10 participants. This program is designed to help aboriginal people past the tests and interviews which help them get into corrections.
  • Patal Employment Focused Program is currently in progress and targets our multi barriered clients in preparing them with the life skills required to become employed. Patal will work with each client to ensure successful results. Currently there are 4 clients with Patal from June/11 to March/12.
  • Aircraft Maintenance through Red River College this training program will meet high employment for this occupation and will be completed as a project is the necessary numbers of participants are attained.
  • Health Care Aide through Urban Circle a training plan for the fall will be offered to training as Health Care Aides/Unit Clerks. This program has a strong life skills part attached and counsellors are on hand at all times for the students.
  • Railway Conductor Program offered through Red River and presented as a project based training, this program is being offered to 4 individuals from January/12 to April/12. CP and CN come into the classroom and recruit for jobs.