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Success Stories

Denae Corman - Bachelor of Administration - University of Winnipeg

January 22, 2016

With the help and support of the Manitoba Metis Federation Metis Employment and Training I completed my degree in Bachelor of Administration with a double concentration in Human Resource Management and Marketing at the University of Winnipeg. It was because of their help and support that I was given the opportunity to start my career with Tipi Insurance Partners.

The Manitoba Metis Federation has continued to support me within my career by sponsoring me to start furthering my education in the Insurance industry by helping me to obtain my Level 1 Insurance Licence. I am currently a Level 2 Insurance Broker and I will continue to work towards attaining the last two insurance levels, so that I can be designated as a Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker within the next year.

I am grateful to the MET Department for assisting me to start my career as a new grad. Their continued help and support has helped to shape my career as a professional.

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