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James Brown - Assiniboine Community College - Level 2 Heavy Duty Mech

My name is James Brown, I am in my early thirties now and at around age 28, I decided to go back to school and with the help of MMF Thompson that goal was reached. I looked into a trade , I had tried to get a trade thought Vale Mine as that is where I worked for 8 years prior to going back to school .I found a trade in Heavy Duty Mechanics at ACC in Brandon , I knew working for Vale was nice but my future as just a labourer in the refinery was not a stable one as I knew the mine was unsure of its future surface operations , so with some long thought and hard disssions I decided to quit my job to secure my future .I knew going back to school would be tough as it was a huge decrease in pay , as I didnít know what I was going to do for money for living . It was from great determination and the encouragement of family, friends and MMF that I struggled to live and study for my future. My first obstacle was the age gap in my fellow students but that was quickly over come because they looked to me for encouraging words just as I looked to them for acceptance. The course was a 2 year program that when finished along with my summer work co-op I would graduate with my level 2 Heavy Duty Mech, I still need to finish levels 3 and 4 and then challenge for my Red Seal , but for now I need to finish my apprenticeship hours . My road ahead is not yet finished but a huge thank you to the people of Thompson and MMF for paving the way for me to continue my journey in my future. I wish to one day return to the community I so much love and miss. For now I call Brandon home as I have been taken on by United Rentals to finish my apprenticeship. With the help of MMF I was able to succeed, and for their help I knew I had to do well. I did not want to let the people who put there time and money into me down. I did struggle in Electrical Science in my first year, my marks were all A+ and Bís other then the D I took in Electrical Science in my first year, I used that D to push my self and in the following year got an A+ in the same course in Level 2 scoring no lower then an 94% on any of my tests in that class in my second year. And on June 16 th of this year 2011 I succeeded and graduated with a 3.84 GPA for the year and a 3.5 over all for the 2 year course.

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