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Tasha - Path to Success

A series of profiles highlighting the successes of our Metis Citizens.

Tasha has always been proud and honoured to be Metis and wanted the best for herself. She represents the MMF's slogan, Believe in yourself - believe in Metis, perfectly.

At just 21 years old, Tasha is a seasoned corrections officer at the Brandon Correctional Centre, which is a medium-security facility with cells for 157 adult males in Brandon, Man.

"I think that it is still shocking to my family that I work at a jail," says Tasha. "Sometimes even I canít believe I ended up becoming a correctional officer at the early age of 20."

As a Metis youth living in Winnipeg, Tasha was struggling with working entry-level jobs until she was told about the Metis Employment & Training (MET)provided through the MMF. MET provided Tasha with the opportunity to obtain funding for the Indigenous Police Preparation Diploma program.

"This course gave me an overview of the variety of fields in law enforcement including regional, municipal and tribal police forces, corrections and justice departments," says Tasha. "With the help of this course, I was able to obtain the tools and skills necessary to meet the requirements of my chosen career."

MET provides quality training and employment services to unemployed or underemployed Metis, Non-Status and Inuit clients to better engage in the workforce, and therefore improve quality of life for them and their families.

"I applied for funding and was luckily accepted," exclaims Tasha. "I did not take that for granted! I was fortunate to be supported to take this program."

There are pros and cons to most jobs. For Tasha, the best part of the job is the rewarding feeling she gets when she knows she has made a difference at the end of the day. Her main challenge is working shift work, which can be hard on her body and her social life.

"I realize that making sacrifices is something that everyone must go through in this career, and that the benefits will soon come to surface when I receive a full time position in March," says Tasha.

Tasha says she is not sure what she would be doing today without the help she received from MET, but she knew an education was necessary to pursue a career that would allow her to achieve her goals and be self-sufficient.

Today, Tasha says, "Explore all the options and avenues that will help you achieve your dream. Follow your heart and use motivation and perseverance to help push you to your goal. Believing in yourself is key to your success."

For more information about MET and their programs please call (204) 586-8474.

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