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Justine Chartrand - Bachelor of Physical Therapist - University of Manitoba

August 27, 2012 - April 26, 2013

Upon graduating from High School, École Communautaire Aurčle-Lemoine on the Honour’s list in 2009, I knew I wanted to apply to the Physical Therapy program at the University of Manitoba. Growing up, I loved sports, participating in Hockey and Soccer. I found that becoming a Physiotherapist was a great way to combine my keen interest for sports as well as rehabilitation of sports injuries and assisting athletes in restoration or improvement of function.

Now the hard part... I knew that being accepted into a professional program would be competitive, require hard work, determination and involve a lot of self-motivation not to mention also financially demanding. In 2009-2010, I was accepted into the University of Winnipeg where I completed a full course load and pre-requisite courses to qualify and apply to the Physiotherapy program with the achievement of a high GPA.

July of 2010-2011, all my hard work from the previous year paid off when I was accepted into the 3 year Bachelors of Physical Therapy program at the University of Manitoba which was rare for a student who has just one year of university experience. The month of finding out I was successfully accepted to the program, I also found out that I would be expecting my first baby. As a young adult that experiences health challenges, who commuted long distance from St. Laurent to Winnipeg for university daily and had exceptional attendance at university, I knew this would add to my already occupied life. The Physiotherapy program provided immense challenges and entailed full devotion as the courses are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm daily, multiple exams weekly, 10 months of the year for 3 long years. As of June 22, 2013, and the results of a successful completion of a national physiotherapy competency exam, I am proud to say I have achieved my long term goal of graduating from the University of Manitoba and becoming a Physiotherapist. I have proven that I can fulfill my hopes and dreams even under difficult situations and an occupying lifestyle. Overall, the last 4 years have been a struggle but I know my career as a Physiotherapist will compensate and be a rewarding one!

I would like to thank the Interlake Metis Federation along with their wonderful staff for their generous support throughout the last year of studies, it allowed me to focus on my studies and not stress about financial expenses that come with enrollment in a professional degree program Physiotherapy where I look forward to working with my patients to achieve their goals as well as taking additional courses to expand my skills and knowledge in orthopaedics in the future.

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