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Aron Perrie - Class 1 Driver Training Program

December 20, 2014

In the beginning of November of 2014 I approached MET in regards to the Class 1 Professional Driving Training Program. I met with representatives who encouraged me to take the steps to achieve my career goals. It was a quick process from attending the information session, meeting with the MET representatives and then receiving the invitation to attend the training with Professional Driver Training School.

I graduated from the program on December 20, 2014 and secured a professional driving position with New Hope Transport on December 22, 2014. I continue to enjoy my career and have found the last 8 months an excellent learning opportunity. Professional truck driving is very much in demand in today’s economy and MET provided me with the support and encouragement to be successful.

Throughout the program I really enjoyed my fellow classmates and the hands on training. The classroom portion provided me with an excellent understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a professional driver. The training also provided me with an understanding of the challenges drivers can face and how to cope with them.

I enjoy the scenery I see as I pass through Canada; being independent; being free on the road; the responsibility I am given; being a part of contributing to our economy and the growth in our communities, etc. Being on the road has made me appreciate the home time more. This career is also providing me the financial means to be independent and purchase the necessities of life, along with some extras.

I would encourage others to also seek out this opportunity. As Mike Dobell, the recruiter at Professional often said, ‘Now you have a license to make money!’

In April of 2012 my father, Ronald Perrie and my brother, Justin Perrie both successfully completed their professional truck driving course through First Class Training Centre. My father has a career with Gardewine Trucking in Winnipeg and my brother’s career is in the oil fields in Northern Alberta. Both of them received support through the Interlake Metis Association for their training. Watching the success of my family members gave me the incentive to move forward in the same field.

Personally, I would like to thank MET for assisting me in achieving my goals. The MMF has provided excellent support and services to my family and my community. This ensures that our people are trained and ready to participate in the growth of our economy and country.

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