u Metis Employment & Training


"There is long term demand for professional drivers in Canada. Attracting and producing committed and professional drivers is critical for our industry's continued success. The MET program has helped Bison Transport find several young, eager and talented employees over the past year. MET has also provided our new employees the opportunity to gain valuable skills and to start on the path toward a long term career as a professional driver with Bison. We are pleased with the success of the MET program and we are expanding the number of employees that join Bison this year under the program. Thank you to the leadership at the MMF for inviting Bison to partner with you on the MET program."
Garth Pitzel
Director, Safety and Driver Development at Bison Transport

"Our company would actually like to take the time to thank the MMF and MET program for allowing us to participate in their employment program. I was very pleasantly surprised with the level of detail about that the MMF MET department showed in guiding us through the process. The program allowed our company an easy way to train potential staff for future employment. Thank you again."
John F. Vandale
Chief Communications Officer, Metis Economic Development Organization