Youth Programs

Youth Programs: provides funding to projects focused on Metis youth that address youth-at-risk issues; that encourage Metis youth to stay in school; that create alternatives to negative social behavior; that provide Metis youth with opportunities to develop their talents and potential; that buttress self-esteem and pride in being Metis; that provide Metis youth with career orientation and employment information and opportunities; and that support healthy youth groups and activities. All stay in school type initiatives work to fill a gap not currently addressed by the Province, however all programs within the school fit within the current provincial focus.

Annually, the MMF holds a Youth Conference to showcase a variety of employment and training opportunities, career choices, and job search techniques. Youth are selected by the local to attend, but all Metis, Non-Status and Inuit youth between the ages of 15-30 are welcome to register free of charge.

The Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. strongly believes in developing Youth leadership skills and styles. Each year at the MMF AGA, Youth from all across Manitoba are invited to participate in practicing their leadership skills by engaging in activities that showcase their leadership abilities. These abilities are strengthened as we challenge youth to explore career goals while immersing themselves in Metis culture and heritage at the AGA.

Each year at the AGA, the community identifies a theme that provides additional learning opportunities. This past year, Youth met with and interviewed our revered Elders as we celebrated the Year of the Veteran.

Again this year at our AGA, we are inviting regions to identify one youth delegate from your active local to learn and develop their leadership skills at our annual Youth Conference. We are seeking youth, between the age of 15- 29, who demonstrate a healthy positive outlook on life and who will share their lessons with the youth in your region.