Minister of ISET

John Fleury

Associate Minister 

Joan Ledoux

Manitoba Metis Federation’s (MMF) Metis Employment & Training Department (MET) operates through funds provided by the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training (ISET) Agreement with Canada. The Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (which replaces the Aboriginal Skills Employment and Training Strategy) links employment and training programming to current and future labour market demands and ensures that Canada’s Indigenous people can fully participate in employment and economic opportunities. The MMF ISET Agreement with Canada was signed on May 15, 2019, at MMF Home Office in Winnipeg. This 10-year agreement, beginning April 1, 2019, provides enhanced funding and increased flexibility to create and deliver Metis-specific employment and training programs and services.

ISET and prior labour market strategies have allowed the MMF, through the MET Department, to provide employment and training programs and services for over 20 years. Our programs have assisted thousands of Metis in gaining the skills, training, and education needed to complete successfully in Manitoba and Canada’s labour market by obtaining sustainable and meaningful employment.

The MMF is proud to partner with Canada on the ISET Program. We have successfully achieved goals, building partnerships and meeting the employment and training needs of our people, our communities and employer partners.

For more information about MET programs and services, employer partnership opportunities and our current recruitment activities,

contact us by  email or call us at 204-586-8474 ext. 2731 or toll-free at 1-800-665-8474 ext. 2731.