Innovative partnerships are a major focus for MMF and MET. Partnerships are developed with private industry, government, non-profit and community organizations, training and educational institutions, as well as our own internal MMF departments and affiliates. These innovative and unique partnerships enable us to be responsive to economic and labour market needs, combine resources and common goals, and establish links to meaningful sustainable employment by creating unique employment and training opportunities for our clients and our communities.

Partnerships are primarily designed to answer labour market needs and enhance client employability. These can be seen in a variety of program types, including project-based training, targeted wage subsidy, job opportunity subsidy, job creation, and apprenticeship programs.

Partnerships are a major focus of the ISETS Strategy. The MMF has always seen partnerships, strategic thinking and planning as central to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. Partnerships are formed with private industry, government, non-profit organizations, and training & educational institutions, as well as internal departments, to combine resources, establish links to meaningful employment and create unique training opportunities.

Our partnerships are designed to address current and anticipated labour market demands and to enhance the knowledge, skills and employability of our clients.

Through a variety of successful partnerships, our clients have a history of answering employers’ needs for qualified staff, while securing worthwhile careers for themselves. The MMF will continue to pursue an expanding range of partnership opportunities, with the goal of effectively meeting the changing needs of both the local labour market and its clients.



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