I wanted to share with you my gratitude for the amount of effort which you and the MMF have provided me in my job search. It’s been a long road, over 3 years of looking for a different role and I just signed a new contract with Calian for the position of Communications Officer for the Data Remediation project. You took the initiative and contacted me after I had applied to a few jobs posted on the MMF job board. You spent many hours guiding me to improve my resume. The level of support that I have received from you, Metis Employment and Training, and the Manitoba Metis Federation have been bar none the best in Winnipeg. 

I had very little experience looking for a job since I was in the military for 28 years as an air traffic controller and my job was always there until the age of 60. I wanted to experience something new and try to work in the private sector so I started looking. When Andrew first met me, my resume was written in military format and he helped me to polish it up to industry standard. Every once in a while, he would surprise me with a phone call to see how my job search was going. He was the only one who did this so Andrew and the staff at MMF genuinely care about people’s futures and I am incredibly grateful for that. I am now able to pursue a future career in the private sector and I have them to thank for that.